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image of woman receiving a relaxing massage
image of a woman receiving a relaxing massage

La'akea Massage Services

image of a woman getting a 4-hands massage
La'akea Four-Hands Massage

An amazing experience of synchronized touch that offers excellent circulation benefits and leaves you feeling enveloped & relaxed. 50 min: $280 | 80 min: $410

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Lomi Lomi Massage

Soothing, rhythmic motions. A holistic healing tradition passed down through generations.

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Swedish Massage

Five styles of long, flowing strokes. Eases muscle stiffnes and increases circulation.

image of man getting swedish massage
Pregnancy Massage

Quite a spell of indulgence, reduces swelling of the joints, back pain and muscle aches.

image of young woman getting sports massage
Sports Massage

Athlete or weekend warrior? Reduces fatigue and muscle tension, promotes flexibility, alleviates stress in the body's soft tissues because of overexertion.

image of young woman getting sports massage
La'akea Massage

Can't decide? This blissful massage is designed just for you! Select your favorite aromatherapy scent to complete your experience.

image of young woman getting sports massage
Hot Lava Rock Massage

Heated lava rocks glide slowly over your body while the warmth of the stones deeply penetrates the muscles, increasing circulation and getting rid of tension and stress.

image of young woman getting sports massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Releases tight muscles by applying a dedicated set of techniques and strokes.

image of young woman getting sports massage
Shiatsu Massage

"NO" oil. Gentle to deep pressure to pressure points along the meridian of the body to release tension.

image of aromatherapy candles and supplies
Stress Fix Massage

Relieves jet lag and stiffness from your travels, restores balance and energy with aromatherapy and touch/Swedish and deep-tissue techniques along with foot reflexology.

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Lomi Pohaku Massage

Ultimate fusion of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Hot Lava Rock



image of woman's pretty feet
Foot Massage

Release stress and feel rejuvenated! (stand alone)


La'akea Spa Signature Treatments:

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Revitalizing Eye Treatment

Diminishes fine lines, reduces puffiness, and dark circles around the delicate eye area.

image of massage
Standard Massage

Loosen your muscles, reduce stress, and reenergize with our quick massage.

image of massage
Island Foot Treatment

A luscious tropical scrub, hydrating mask, and heavenly massage make this a rejuvenating experience for the most overworked (and often ignored) parts of your body.